Glass Partition Systems

What are glass partition systems?
When you want to partition a room you can use different materials. The most common are wood and concrete both of which are quite strong. Glass partition systems are also a means of partitioning rooms.
Are these partitions made of just glass and how safe are they?
Yes, the materials are made of glass but it is not everyday glass; it is a kind of material called tempered glass and it is very string. It can withstand high impact and if it breaks which is rare, it shatters into pebbles rather than shards which reduces the risk of injury.
Where can you install glass partition systems?
You can install them anywhere you like. In the past these systems were mainly used in offices but today they are quite common in homes. They can be used to divide large rooms in the downstairs area. They are not used in bedrooms because they don’t provide much privacy. These partitions are also commonly used in showers.
How can one make the glass visible?
Visibility is a concern because people sometimes walk into glass. You can make glass partition systems more visible by having it etched. This means that designs are laid into the glass using special materials. Etching designs vary – you can choose whatever designs pleases you best.
How long do glass partition systems last?
Because these systems are made of tough glass they last for years. If you take proper care of yours they can last for 15 or even 20 years without showing any signs of wear and tear.
Who is best for installing glass partition systems?
Go Glass is one of the best companies for glass partition systems in Cambridge. They have partitions in different styles.

Air conditioning unit and installation

When looking for an installer for a new AC unit it is always a good idea to go with one who has done some work in your neighbourhood. While this may sound easy enough, you may soon find yourself looking at a long list of installers, each claiming that they are the best at what they do. How do you choose the best among them? It is not very hard if you know what you are looking for.
The first thing you should ask al installation companies that you talk to is how long they have been in business – it tells you how experienced they are. You may find that some of them have been installing and maintaining AC units for more than 20 or 30 years. These are usually better than those that have just a few years of experience, but you should find out whether they have kept up with new technologies – you don’t want your new AC unit to be installed using old methods.
A god installer will not hesitate to give you a list of a few references that you can talk to to confirm the quality of their work. Make sure to call these homeowners and find out whether their installation was done properly.
Before you hire an AC installer you should ask them whether they have handled your particular kind of AC – different brands require different expertise and some companies prefer to work only on certain models.
It is important to ascertain that the company does installation for you can also do maintenance. They will already be familiar with your AC unit so keeping it in good condition shouldn’t be a problem for them.
We suggest that you try Elliots – not only will they sell you a top of the range AC unit, they will also install and maintain it. Find out more on their website,

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass for your bathroom – is it a good idea? Frameless glass showers have become popular in the last few years and for good reason – they offer lots of benefits. As a Cambridge homeowner, especially one with small children you may have reservations due to safety considerations. You shouldn’t worry – frameless glass is very safe because it has been tempered to withstand impact so you don’t have to worry about it breaking and injuring anyone. There are other benefits of frameless glass showers:
•    The focal point in most bathrooms is the shower so you want it to look elegant and chic. This is easy to achieve with frameless glass. It allows in lots of natural light and it can be etched into different designs. You can also choose glass in different colors to match or contrast your bathroom decor.
•    Frameless glass is easy to install. If you want to give your bathroom a quick makeover it offers a perfect solution – you can have your bathroom look completely different in a matter of hours.
•    Frameless glass is very easy to clean. As a busy homeowner you know that cleaning bathrooms can be a hassle. If possible you want to have bathrooms that take no more than a few minutes a week to keep clean. You will not go wrong with frameless glass – all you need to do is wipe it down to get rid of soap streaks and you are good to go.
•    Do you have to buy shower curtains several times a year? If you install frameless shower glass you never have to worry about this again – it lasts a long time.
We recommend that you contact Go Glass – they are one of the best frameless shower glass installers in Cambridge and they have a variety of solutions that you can choose from.

honda generators for sale uk

If you live in the UK and are ready to get a generator, then we would like to invite you to contact us at  We are proud of the fact that we are an officially licensed Honda generator dealer, and with our many years of experience, we can help you to find the perfect generator for your needs.  Spending time outdoors camping is something a lot of people enjoy, but to be honest most of those people don’t really like having to go without any of the things that they have been accustomed to having access to at home.  It can be a real shock to the system to try to rough it without any type of electricity, and a pleasant camping trip can turn into a bad experience quickly when people become bored and unhappy due to their lack of electricity.  Sure camping is about spending time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable and go without any power.

In the portable generator market, the top name to look for is definitely Honda.  The last thing you ever want to have to deal with is to be out enjoying yourself camping with family and friends, then have your generator go out on you.  Sure you will probably be just fine without it, but that’s not the point.  The point is you got a generator so you could enjoy some of the comforts of home while you are spending time outdoors.  If you are ready to get a portable generator that you can rely on, then please contact us at today.  We can help you to find the perfect generator for your needs so that your next camping trip will be an enjoyable and memorable one.

Frameless glass shower screens

A shower is one of the most important parts of any home. The shower is where people come to get clean. A shower is also where many people love to relax and let go of their daily cares. A shower is also where many people love to show off their own personal tastes. The opportunity to create a bath that is designed according to their own personal taste is something that many people welcome. All areas of the bathroom should work harmoniously to create a space that ideally both functional and yet elegant at the same time. Each element in the space needs to be considered carefully. This is one of many reasons why frameless glass shower screens have become increasingly popular. These kinds of doors offer many important advantages.

Color and Light

Letting in as much light as possible is ideal. Light helps make it easier to use the shower and avoid an accident. Light also helps people feel connected to nature. Many people look for shower doors that are also full of color if possible. Modern design is all about the use of color and the creation of spaces that are easy on the eyes and yet also highly durable. Modern style is very much about this process. Understated elegance is the aim that many homeowners wish to achieve. They want to have spaces that appeal to the eye the second someone walks inside. They also want spaces that allow for the use of modern technology and a contemporary feel. It’s easy to get this aim with frameless sliding glass doors. Each door is designed to integrate well into the entire bathroom and make it feel like a space that has been all about a coherent style.

Ease of Use

Many types of sliding glass doors can be hard to use. The mechanism may get stuck. With the use of frameless sliding glass doors, such issues are completely avoided. Each door is hooked into a system that has been specially designed for easy opening and closing. Each door has also been designed to help make sure that water stays where it is wanted and does not leak into other areas of the bathroom. The net result is a bathroom that is more functional and easy to use as well as a bathroom that looks truly beautiful. Modern and contemporary design offers innovative solutions that make it easier to create a bathroom that works well.

Honda generator eu10i

For your caravan or boat, the Honda Silent Portable generators come in handy. They are the best custom made for such duties.

Up to until recently, portable generators were bulky and not easy to move, loud and unpleasant to operate. The entrance of the Honda EU10i generator in the market has transformed the options for consumers who need self-sufficiency in the use of energy.

It is small, moveable, convenient and very silent. It also generates the uncontaminated, durable and steady power that Honda customers know. While Generating 1000 watts, the Honda EU10i petrol generator is the perfect energy source for people operating power with a lot of movement, or for those people left trapped without electricity.

The Honda generator eu10i produces a maximum output of 100 watts and the noise value; the sound power level is 52-85dB (A) at 7m @ ¼ loads. The generator has a weight of 13kg making it easy to carry and move it from one area of operation to another. It also has a running time of 8.3 hours at ¼ loads. Therefore you have enough running time to operate the generator in different positions.

The Honda Generator EU10i has a stylish and ergonomic design; therefore for outdoor use the generator is presentable and does not have the typical ugly presentation of generators. The generator also has a very low noise output; this ensures a reduction in noise pollution. It, therefore, makes the generator ideal for caravan use.

The output of the generator is 12volt direct current output single phase. The generator is designed with the inverter technology making it possible to use on all appliances that use both direct current and alternating current. It also has two sockets each with 230V 13 amps 1x12v (DC. The generator can be used to operate on a varied range of electrical appliances.

The Honda Generator EU10i uses unleaded petrol fuel. Its fuel tank holds a capacity is 2.3litres, therefore for very long working hours you will need to refuel. It starts running by the use of recoil fitted on the side of the machine.

The generator comes with a five years warranty; therefore you have the confidence to run the machine without worrying about breakdowns in the first five years.

glass shelves

Glass is at once both an ancient and a modern material. People have admired glass for centuries, looking to use in many spaces in their home. Glass can be used in many spaces and rooms in the house. This includes all types of windows. It also includes items that are sometimes made of glass such as shelving. Shelving made out of glass will look lovely in any space and can help provide additional storage space at the same time. The right kind of glass shelving can be used in any house and fit into many types of housing styles. One person may opt for glass shelving in a more traditional style while someone else prefers to have glass shelving with more contemporary shelves. The right kind of shelving is one that should be carefully chosen in order to help create a look that is unified and pleasing to the eye. This is where it can be helpful to work with a company that really knows how to offer such products for their clients.
The Perfect Glass Shelves
The perfect glass shelves will vary from person to person. Many people are delighted to find that they can pick out many different styles of glass and find the one that they like best. Someone who really likes glass shelving with lots of color will find that they can pick out shelves that are made of brightly colored glass, adding a festive and pleasing look to any space. Another person may prefer to have shelving made of glass that is only made of plain glass. In that case, they can also find the kind of choice they want to add the look they want to their home. Glass shelving is durable and will withstand heavy objects. A glass shelf can also be created to the user’s exact specifications in order to create a look that is totally unique to their home. This allows the person to have shelving that will truly help show off the home’s best qualities and create a look that they can completely enjoy for many years to come

Internal Glass Door Suppliers

Imagine how magnificent your home would be with glass doors. Internal glass doors let light flow into your home naturally. It’s amazing how they add warmth and character along with a nice sophisticated touch.

Moreover, interior glass doors open up space into your room while adding that glamorous look with beautiful designs like traditional stained glass patterned glass or frosted glass.

The Suppliers

With numerous supplier companies opening up, you sure won’t run out of options to settle for. These suppliers ensure you get interior glass doors that will make your home look stylish. They build quality internal glass doors with safety glass so no need to worry about your home’s security.

Fortunately, due to the increasing number of interior glass door suppliers, competition has surely made them pretty affordable with many companies striving to deliver the best yet affordable internal glass doors available to the market today.

Choosing the Right Interior Glass Door

There are many types of internal glass doors designed by companies today, therefore, regardless of whether you want a hinged glass door or a sliding glass door, you’re sure to find the right taste that matches your home interior décor.

What makes glass doors a better option for your home is the fact that they add a naturally beautiful look to it. However, before settling for any option, you need to put a few things into consideration including your home’s interior look. Do you want a glass door that will add a contemporary touch to your interior design?

Furthermore, while shopping around for the right glass type, consider the kind of privacy you need for your home. Internal glass door suppliers deliver you the best glass options from textured or tinted glass, resin panel to decorative glass.

Do you need a frameless glass or one with a nice perfect wood finish? These are just things to put into consideration before choosing the best most affordable interior glass for your home.

Settling For an Interior Glass Door Supplier

Competition in the market has made it such a daunting task choosing the best supplier for your interior glass door needs. This, therefore, means that you’ll need some time shopping around to find the best supplier to suit your needs. This is, of course, understandable.

How do you make sure you find the best supplier? Simple, consider settling with a supplier who aside from having experience in the industry, provides the best designs at pocket-friendly prices. Take time to check the company’s client reviews to understand how they relate and serve their clients.