Balcony garden ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas from Windoor UK
Windoor UK offers stunning glass balustrades for outdoor balconies and gardens. With years of extensive industry experience, their installers have the tools and expertise to enhance all your gardens, designs and outdoor décor. With uniformity and consistency in mind, they create aesthetically-pleasing visuals that correlate with open spaces for family time and enjoyment. With free estimates and complimentary consultations, one phone call or e-mail is all you need to enhance your residential or commercial balconies or gardens today.
Balconies for all Seasons
Windoor UK creates captivating and compelling balcony gardens for year round use. This includes balcony enclosures, along with sunspaces and winter-gardens. These unique, versatile systems are attractive and engaging. They also ensure balcony glazing to be full open, partially open, or fully enclosed to meet all your needs. This secures a useable space for all seasons.
Homeowners and families can enjoy a variety of garden enhancements from Windoor UK. This includes deck and patio designs, along with glass balustrading for lower or upper balconies. These systems feature unique tracks, which allow panels to slide and turn inwards. This ensures optimal safety, while allowing families to manage their individual comfort levels year round.
Private and Secure Spaces
Outdoor balcony gardens can be enhanced to secure optimal illumination via natural light and sunrays. Similarly, they can be enclosed to harness solar gain, natural light and ventilation. This reduces artificial energy requirements, while ensuring sustainable environment for green, smart homes and businesses of all sectors and industries.
With both private and secure outside spaces, your balconies can truly accentuate the look of your gardens, landscaping and décor. With bespoke, customized and personalized designs – all rails, glass and components are safely installed for optimal management and use.
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