Boarding Schools in England

For years you have heard that boarding schools in England are some of the best in the world but now that the time has come to enrol your child into one of them you are wondering what it is that makes them outstanding. It is true that children who go to boarding school in England stand a much better chance of getting into a top university and into the career of their choice. Here are just a few of the things that make English the best:
•    Most of these schools are very old – some have been around for centuries. As a result they have developed a strong tradition and culture for excellence. Even children who aren’t able to do very well in other schools often do well in these schools. They are in fact a good place to enrol who has had problems staying focussed in day school.
•    The best boarding schools in England are quite keen o provide a great curriculum. It has many different subjects that students can choose from based on their strengths. There are teachers and counsellors available to help and guide students in subject selection.
•    These schools tend to have small class sizes which allow teachers to pay attention to each and every student. Those who are lagging behind in any subject are given special attention so that they can catch up.
•    These schools offer holiday tuition for students who are preparing for Al levels to make sure that they cover all material and can answer questions with confidence.
•    They provide great boarding facilities – your child will live in relative comfort and they will be supervised.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it is one of the best boarding schools in England, as you will see on