Cambridge Joinery

If you are not happy with the joinery work in your Cambridgeshire home it is time you had it re-done. To make sure that things go right this time around it is important to choose your joinery company carefully. There are many joiners in Cambridge; you need to be able to know that you are working with the best one. Here is what you should be looking for:

•    The best joiners are happy to show you their work before you hire them. They take prospective clients to other sites that they have worked on so that they can see what kind of results to expect. If a joiner is reluctant to do this they are likely not good at their job.

•    Good joiners listen to their clients’ expectations so that they can deliver exactly what is wanted. If a joiner is in a rush to be hired you should give them a wide berth.

•    Make sure that you choose a joiner who is trained and licensed. Although a joiner may learn his trade on the job it is not enough – there are some things, such as customer service, which they need to learn in a structured environment.

•    If a joiner is all about the sales pitch you should get concerned. Good joiners are more about providing their clients with information so that they can make the right decision.

•    Clarify as to where the joiner will source materials. He should be working with a reputable supplier who provides top quality materials. He should also have all the tools that are needed for the job.

One of the best joiners in Cambridgeshire is Salmons Bros. Limited. They work on all kinds of projects and are known for excellent results. You can see some of their work on