Cute Dresses for Young Girls

A huge range of vintage-style dresses is available on various online shops, from affordable ones to pricy hand-crafted garments. Some features of the selection are only possible to be found in real clothing stores, but you can also buy outfits at a great discount via internet shopping. With these tips below, you’ll be able to find pretty vintage-style dresses for young girls.

Patterns and Designs

Most of the time, modern dresses for children are made with soft bright-colored fabric, such as rosy pink or mint green. Vintage patterns are mostly different: they come in delicate pastel shades and feature elegant details made from lace, embroidery, and sequins. To stand out among other girls: go for a dress that has one sophisticated design element only every second child’s garment has it!

Silver and Gold is Back

If you choose a classic outfit for your little girl, don’t forget about the accessories! Girls love shiny things anyways, so grab your old brooch collection and attach them on the front of her dress, wear big vintage clip-on earrings or dangle a pearl bracelet on her wrist.

Tips when shopping for vintage style children’s dresses

  1. Check the stitching of the garment. Make sure that fabric is not cut unevenly and all seams are finished correctly before final production.
  2. Search for small details, like flower-shaped buttons or miniature ruffles around armholes and hems: such adornments make a perfect vintage dress even cuter!
  3. Any child’s dress can be made to look vintage by altering it with one feature only, such as lace trimmings along the neckline and sleeves – this way, you’ll get a great deal on your purchase (but don’t forget to check if such alteration won’t ruin the dress!)
  4. Keep in mind that modern sizing can differ from vintage dresses’ sizing chart – usually, they’re smaller than off-the-rack sizes, so either check measurements first or ask for help in the store!
  5. Some vintage dresses are handmade to order, which means you can choose custom-made colors and even fabrics (such as silk instead of cotton). To make sure you’ll get the right size out of these garments, make sure to show your child’s measurements to the seller or tailor before finalizing your order!
  6. Don’t expect all vintage kids’ dresses to come with matching satin ribbons because it is not always the case – always check product details before buying.
  7. If you’re set on getting something really unique for your little one, browse around Etsy shops specializing in handmade childrens’ clothes – they often offer amazing deals that no department store could ever match!
  8. You can also make your own vintage-style dress for girls. Just cut out a pattern from an old adult garment and sew it up with love – I bet your kid will look just adorable in it!
  9. Keep an eye on other family hand-me-downs: it’s always possible that grandma keeps some good pieces for you, so ask around and save money at the same time!

In conclusion, these are some good ways to find vintage-style dresses for young girls. Don’t forget that you can always take advantage of online shopping offers and get your favorite dress for a great price!