Georgian sash windows

Why the Georgian Sash Windows are Still Popular in the UK

History records that the Georgian Era was very long. It stretched from 1714 to 1820. During this period, the sash windows emerged and evolved. Essentially, there are three categories of the Georgian Sash Windows: Palladian style (1714-1760), Neoclassical designs (1760-1790), and Regency (1790-1820). From 1820, unique designs have evolved and they are all characterized by elegance.

About the Windows

Normally, the Georgian Sash Window designs feature a six-pane classical arrangement. The upper and lower panes slash vertically in distinctive grooves. The original panes were supported by cords but the modern ones are supported by springs. The other notable difference is that the new designs have thinner panes. The Georgian Sash Windows are designed to be installed in the Georgian house designs. In the UK, the installations are done by expert firms. The professionals know where to find authentic materials and how to do the fixing.

What Makes the Georgian Window Designs Popular?

The Georgian Sash Window designs are aesthetically pleasing. From the initial designs to the contemporary ones, they are all uniquely British. Their popularity is due to their benefits which include:

  • The windows are safe and secure. Unlike other designs, these windows are expertly

installed to offer you protection.

  • The windows are cheap to maintain as cleaning is easily done.
  • They are versatile in designs and thus great for any Georgian home.
  • They allow easy opening and shutting

It’s important to note that you can only enjoy the benefits if the fitting is done by an expert. The assembly of the materials and the joinery work should be done by professionals.

Generally, if you want the installation of the Georgian windows done correctly, you have to hire the right people. The experts firm will guide you through the different designs and you can decide what sash window style excites you.