Holiday Lodges Norfolk

As the cost of family holidays goes up many are choosing holiday cottages for their time away from home. In case you haven’t heard of them, these are holidays where you stay in a cottage in the countryside instead of a hotel and they come with several unbeatable benefits:
•    If you don’t want to spend days travelling to and from your holiday destination these cottages are just perfect. Instead of connecting flights and long waits at airports all you need to do is jump into your car or book the family on a train – you will get to your holiday destination in just a few hours.
•    You can go on holiday several times a year if you choose cottage holidays. This is because they are cheaper and practical. The cost of accommodation is a fraction of what you would pay to stay at a hotel. You also don’t have to pay for expensive hotel meals and since there is so much to do that is free of charge you will save lots of money that you can use to come back time and time again.
•    Self catering has more benefits than just money savings. One of the biggest problems with staying in a hotel is that you have to be in at specified meal times or make alternative arrangements. In your own cottage you can prepare and eat your meals any time you want. You also get to eat whatever you want whenever you want which can be very useful for those who have food preferences.
•    You can invite family and friends to join you, something that is hard to do if you are staying in a hotel. Some of these cottages have multiple bedrooms and are spacious enough for your whole family.
Wheatacre Hall Barns has such cottages – you can book 3 or 4 bedroom accommodations at affordable rates and they are all luxuriously furnished. Find out what else you get on