Purchase Paper Cups & Lids

As the owner of a small coffee shop in the UK and even beyond, you want to be able to provide top quality paper cups and lid for your customers – it is, after all, a very competitive business and if customers think that the service next door to yours is better, they will go there. There are many paper cup companies in the EU and you will find that each claims that it provides the best paper cups and lids. It is up to you to choose a provider who meets the highest standards. Here are some tips you can use when choosing a paper cup company:

•    The first criterion is quality. There are certain things that you look for in paper cups: they should not leak, they should not squash and they should keep beverages either hot or cold for a reasonable amount of time. When you are interviewing paper cup companies ask them to send you several samples of the different paper cups that they manufacture. Test them yourself before you order.

•    Once you have paper cups that are structurally sound it is time to think about branding. It is very important to find a paper cup company that can put your brand on your cups because each cup that leaves your coffee shop is an advertisement. Make sure that the branding is of high quality – you don’t want branding that has runny ink, for instance.

•    It is best to choose a company that is known for providing cups fast – the last thing you want is a company that has slow delivery because you may find yourself without cups. Always have a small stash kept away in case of any unexpected delays in delivery.

•    The best paper cup providers allocate each client their own account manager. This makes it easy for the client to follow up on orders and any other issues they may have.

•    You are a small business and you want to save money wherever you can. You should look for a paper cup and lid provider that serves businesses like yours. If you contract one that supplies the big chains you may find yourself paying more than you should.

•    Customer service is important – in case you have a problem you want to be handled in a polite and professional manner.

One of the best paper cup manufactures in the UK is The Paper Cup Factory. They have a wide variety of cups and lids and they do speedy delivery. Find out more on https://www.thepapercupfactory.com/.