reproofing goretex

Highly Effective Water Repellents for Reproofing Gore-Tex

If you are thinking of reproofing your Gore-Tex jackets, chances are high that you are wondering where to begin your search for a durable water repellent for your jackets- now that there are tons of water repellents out there. All water repellents are not made the same, and some are more effective than others.

Stormproof durable

This spray-on water repellent is exceptionally great for reproofing goretex jackets alongside other outdoor clothing made from light and delicate material. It can effectively reproof your breathable Gore-Tex jackets against soil, oil and water. It comes readily diluted with water, and it is devoid of toxic ingredients as well as other forms of flammable solvents.

StormSeal Seam

Available in a squeezable bottle, this water-based repellent is an excellent choice for reproofing Gore-Tex jackets alongside other types of breathable jackets. The fact that the water repellent is non-toxic in nature means that it isn’t just safe on your Gore-Tex jackets, but it also doesn’t leave behind a nauseating smell like most water repellent products out there. Additionally, the water repellent is made for use on a wide array of materials ranging from cotton, polyester, wool, and nylon.

StormSeal Seamer

The water repellent is a wonderful choice for Gore-Tex jackets, owing to the fact that it dries in the air quite well, making it appear like a thin transparent film once applied onto the jacket. It soaks perfectly well into different fabrics, and it further seals all the needle holes together with other types of impermeable layer. Most importantly, it is 100% free from toxic chemicals that can be harsh on your Gore- Tex jackets and other breathable garments.

Getting the best water repellent for your Gore-Tex jackets can increase the lifetime of your jackets, making them appear clean and new throughout. Purchase your water repellent today at Stormsure Ltd and keep your Gore-Tex jackets in a great shape!