The main facts of timeshare claims

As the real estate market continues to deteriorate and the economy continues to boom, timeshare owners facing foreclosure are accompanied by restless consumers who are trying to lose a timeshare company’s obligations before them. facing downsizing or retirements.

As a result, many homeowners are turning to third party resellers to quickly sell their vacation homes. There are many pitfalls in selling timeshare deals and there are many timeshare resale scams. The most important thing to take away from any advice you’ve read (and I hope you take it into consideration) is always to avoid sellers who charge an upfront fee.

Before taking any steps to sell your timeshare, talk to a timeshare lawyer about the commitments you made in buying it and the ways you will need to get relief. You may remember hearing in the sales pitch that the timeshare company helps you sell or even buy back. Chances are it’s not on your contract, but it’s important to know what’s on the contract.

It is also important to examine possible agreements with a third party supplier. The selling points of resellers are always attractive to a struggling timeshare owner.

Usually, they set their brilliant sales records first. Often their claims are true, but you need to know how much they are valuing the property for sale and what terms they are offering buyers. Many sellers have suffered 75% losses over the past few months and have also paid sellers a commission. Are you ready for it

Timeshare resellers also emphasize their ability to access a large pool of potential buyers. They will cite a database of thousands, but big sellers prefer volume. Of course, they work for a commission and you will probably assume that they are looking for a good price on your property. Although you have a database of potential buyers, another database of properties is also available to you. You can sell two or three cheap properties for better than spending time negotiating the best dollar for the expensive one.

Remember that many timeshare owners are more than motivated sellers. Many are desperate as their payment and maintenance costs rise.

Talk to a timeshare lawyer to find out which option is best to sell instead of waiting to fall victim to an unscrupulous seller and then appealing. There are creative solutions, but professional help is the best way to find the right one for you.


This concept is often misunderstood when it comes to buying timeshare, even by those who are selling you your timeshare week. Many first-time timeshare buyers choose a highly rated resort because they believe they have equal trading power.

There is nothing wrong with buying timeshare in order to own a property in a well-rated, well-managed resort. If you love the area and what it has to offer you have some great places to stay every year.

However, location and demand are far more important in having the best opportunity to successfully swap your vacation from year to year. A resort on Maui might not have the highest rating, but its location allows you to trade your week in for pretty much any of the best resorts in the world. Having both a high rating and a desirable location when buying timeshare gives you the best leverage on currencies.

Don’t be confused when buying timeshare between a higher valuation and a popular in-demand destination. If you’re looking to buy timeshare that you can swap out for other destinations often, even a quality resort in a high demand location is always better than a quality resort in a location that most people don’t want. really not for your acting. Holiday season.