Wooden Sash Windows

If you have decided to replace your windows you have the choice between UPVC and wooden sash windows. Although many people go with UPVC you will get lots of benefits if you choose wooden sash windows. In fact, they have been relied on in homes all over England for thousands of years. Here are the benefits that you can expect to enjoy:

• They are more aesthetically pleasing than UPVC. If you are looking to add to the appeal of your home they are the perfect way to go. In fact, these windows can be custom made to make your home unique – they can be carved, stained or painted to your desire.

• If you are keen on conserving the environment there is one way you can do it – you can install wooden box sash windows. Wood requires very little energy to process and since most of these windows are hand-made there is very little footprint if any. Also, because these windows last such a long time not many trees are required during the lifetime of a home. Once they are old they can be removed and the wood recycled.

• Timber is a great insulator, which means that in the winter months you will not have to turn your heating unit higher. In fact, according to some sources installing wooden sash windows can help lower power bills.

• Unlike UPVC which degrades after a few years, wood has structural integrity which means that weather doesn’t affect it much. Whether it rains or shines your wooden box sash windows will not be affected much.

One renowned installer of wooden sash windows is Salmons Bros. Ltd. Located in Cambridge they supply and install wooden windows of the highest quality. They also charge reasonable prices.