Silverpoint timeshare liquidation

Silverpoint was a timeshare resort chain which declared bankruptcy on January 15, 2020. A large number of investors and others had invested a large amount of their money in the timeshare, since they were promised that they could resell the timeshare later at a higher price and make a huge profit. When Silverpoint declared its bankruptcy, many investors thought that they had lost all their money. However, despite the silverpoint timeshare liquidation, investors who have invested money can recover some of their investment using the legal provisions like the consumer credit act with our help.


Silverpoint had several resorts in Tenerife which were popular like

– Palm beach

– Beverly hills club

– Beverly hills heights

– Hollywood Mirage

– Club paradiso


The Silverpoint investors were promised that they could resell their timeshares at a huge profit. Silverpoint was extremely aggressive in selling its timeshares to the investors, inviting them to eight hour presentations, in which the sales people promised excellent returns to those who attended. The high pressure sales tactics adversely affected the judgement of the investors, resulting in flawed decision making and some of the investors have invested a large part of their savings in the time share. So when the Silverpoint timeshare bankruptcy was declared, it adversely affected the finances of the investors since they cannot use or sell the time share

Making a claim

However, the Silverpoint investors can try to recover a part or entire amount which they have invested using the provisions of the 1974 consumer credit act. TimeshareFinanceClaims helps the investors recover the money which they have invested in timeshares. We work on a no win, no fee basis, so that the investors do not have to pay us anything upfront for making the claim. To make the claim the investor has to provide some information like

– amount invested in the time share

– The number of years for which he owns the timeshare (at least ten years)

– number of years for which he has already paid the annual maintenance fees which are being charged.

After we receive the details of the claim we will contact the timeshare investor to get more details of the investment. In some cases, he may have only invested once, or in other cases, he has invested money repeatedly. So based on the information we get we will finalize the strategy for recovering the money invested. In some cases, we will require some additional information from the investor like details of his payment to Silverpoint, any documents which he has received from Silverpoint acknowledging that he has invested the amount.

Investors should be aware that they can recover some of the payment which is made through Barclay’s Partner Finance under the provision of the 1974 act. There are several provisions using which the finance company can be held liable. The payments for the timeshare which are made through credit card can also be recovered by the investor. We will provide different options for recovering the money to the Silverpoint investor, and try the best option first.

Options to Get Out of My Timeshare

Just when you think you achieved your dreams of investing in something you would always want to have, you know you would want to get out of my timeshare one day. The problem is that is a lot easier said than done and it may be stuck there for a long period of time. The moment you would want to get out of it would be the time when you will breath a sigh of relief. Yes, it is not that easy and you will want to do ti as soon as possible. There is no time to waste when it concerns money as you will want to make sure all your investments are pretty much worth it. Besides, you would not want to look bad in front of people who knew what you did with your hard earned cash.

Sell the Timeshare

You will need to enlist a lot of reasons as to why a buyer would be interested in your timeshare. Of course, it is not that easy since a timeshare would always have its fair share of pros and cons. You can bet any buyer who is interested in your timeshare would do prior research on it before even thinking about investing on it. There is even a possibility you will get the timeshare at a fair price when you post it on social media and online marketplaces where a lot of investors would go to. Better make your ad as enticing as possible though.

Give Back the Timeshare

The reason this would happen is reasoning out that you would say they did not give what they promised in the first place. There will be a lot of legal stuff involved in this and it may take a lot longer than you originally thought. Thus, it is important to be a bit patient with what you are doing for it. Due to the legal mumbo jumbo you will need to incur, it is possible you will give up in the middle of it. That is one thing you should never do as quitters never win and winners never quite. Hence, it would be a lot better to just do it.

Among the two options, any would be a liable option as long as you think you can do it for the benefit of your future. You can even try and do both. If you believe in yourself, then you know anything is quite possible in the world of finance. You can also ask the opinion of the experts over at Timeshare Finance. You know you would want to get out of the bad situation right away and move on from the bad decision you committed. Not to worry about, it is normal to commit mistakes such as this and the only thing you can do is to to learn from it and not commit the same mistake in the future. Besides, there may be more similar opportunities like this in the future so you must avoid it at all times.