Dartington Crystal

Part of remodelling your kitchen is getting brand new glassware, and there is none better than Dartington crystal. This is one of the best crystal glasses providers in the world and you can be sure that whatever you choose to buy from them will not only transform your kitchen, it will also make dining a pleasure. Many people wonder what the big deal about crystal is – doesn’t it look just like glass?

Actually, at cursory glance it might look like glass but if you look at it a bit more closely and feel it you will realize that crystal is much more special than glass. Crystal glasses are not made of actual crystals but rather of the same materials that make glass. The difference is that they are infused with special materials that make them much stronger, more elegant and finer looking. The additional strength means that they can be blown thinner, making drinking out of them a much more pleasurable experience.

They are also etched with much more delicate designs than you would find on typical glass – if you find intricate etchings on glass it tends to be thick because this is the only way it can be etched without breaking. Crystal glasses offer much more clarity too – they will bring out any table setting regardless of where of where it is. They are also perfect for toasting because they make a clearer and more pleasant sound than glass.

Do they cost more? Yes, Dartington crystals will cost you more than ordinary glass but it is worth every penny. The tougher material also means that they don’t chip and crack so you can expect your collection to last a long time (with reasonable care of course).