What boarding schools for girls is all about

“Boarding School”

-a school in which the students live during term time, often sharing common living space such as dormitories and having limited contact with their families.

A boarding school is a co-educational or single sex school that provides education from primary or secondary level to university entrance level. It is one of three traditional types of British boarding school, the others being the prep school and “public” schools. The term can refer to a number of different situations in which education is delivered with a boarding element, either as part of a balanced programme or in a child’s chosen secondary or sixth form college.

Boarding School (girls)

-a school that only accepts female students that lives in a boarding school

A boarding school for girls is a selective single-sex educational institution for girls between the junior and high school levels, where they are fully immersed in core subjects of academics. In some cases all classes may be taught by different teachers from those of co-educational schools due to specialist teaching being needed for specific subjects. In most cases, single sex schools have a better academic performance compared to co-educational schools. Because of this many parents prefer their girls to enroll in a boarding school for girls so that they can perform better academically and get quality education without being distracted by the opposite gender because there will be only other girls around them.

Boarding schools used to be common in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. In recent years they have become more popular due to the lack of UK students seeking secondary education abroad or having to study within a boarding school’s curriculum because of the UK government not allowing state schools to offer A-level qualifications anymore.

In 2010, according to a report from The Guardian, 30% of the top performing students in the UK who had their A-level results published were attending state boarding schools.

Boarding School (boys)

-a school that only accepts male students that lives in a boarding school

A boarding school for boys is similar to one for girls but it is often single-sex whereas most schools are co-educational. It is an independent school, which means that it is not controlled by the local education authority. Boarding schools for boys may be all-boys or boys in some cases, with teaching staff following similar practice to most other single sex state institutions of mixed gender.

A boarding school for boys is sometimes called “public school” or independent school. In the United States, “public” boarding schools charge a higher fee for tuition, as much as US$40,000 per year.

-Many times students from poorer families will attend a boarding school to have the experience of going away to college and living off campus with their peers while studying under teachers who can monitor their progress closely.

-Boarding schools are mainly for students who struggle with learning disabilities, often times these type of students will be sent to boarding school by their parents or the government to make sure they get a proper education since many public schools lack the resources and funding to provide extra help for special needs students.