Wooden Door with Glass Panel

As you renovate your home you may be thinking about changing your front door – it is, after all, what people see as they approach your property and you want to a make a good impression. A wooden door with a glass panel is a good way to go – these doors come in many different designs and they can give the appearance of your home a big boost. You shouldn’t, however, rush into the decision. While these doors are aesthetically pleasing, they can also turn out to be a headache if you don’t know what you are in for. Here are a few things to take into account:
•    Think about privacy especially if you live in a crowded neighborhood or if you don’t have a hedge. You can have the glass colored to keep out peeping toms, but that will affect the overall look of the glass. You can also have the glass etched but this will cost you extra.
•    Security is also very important. Even if you install tempered glass on your front door it isn’t as strong as wood. It is very easy for intruders to gain entrance, so if your neighborhood isn’t very secure you may want to consider other door options such as wood.
•    Insulation is also something that you should consider seriously. If you want to keep your heating bills low you have to install double glazing which isn’t very cheap. Wood is a poor conductor of heat which means that your house stays warmer in cold weather.
•    Wildlife is not something that many homeowners think about when they are remodeling but it is important if you are thinking of installing glass doors. Animals and birds don’t see the glass and may unwittingly go through it. .
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